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Bronagh Taggart GUARD short film


Katie (Bronagh Taggart) wants to be able to handle herself, should she ever need to. Living alone in the house she grew up in, she makes a point of staying fit and strong, but her routine is disrupted when her da lands back home after fifteen years inside. Surprised by his estranged daughter’s new obsession, Kieran feels he finally has something to teach her, and initiates Katie into his old world: boxing. In the ring she takes the punches and tries to learn from her father, but getting Katie to drop her guard outside the ring will be Kieran’s toughest battle yet [view details on IMDb].

GUARD is currently in post-production.

Find out more at: www.guardshortfilm.com

Honesty Inc. has numerous other stories in development, including another short film, a feature-length documentary film and several interview-based audio projects.